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Episode #3: Featured Guest Jacob Huebert

Hosted By: John Bush and Jason Rink.

Join us as we discuss…

- Foreign Policy – The Doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes

Consistency? – Would pre-emptive strikes go over well on a personal scale?  Would you make a pre-emptive attack on your neighbor?

The Wolfowtiz Doctrine (the original Bush Doctrine from papa Bush) –

When the people are armed, across the board, across the world, will there be peace?

- Prop 19 Marijuana Decriminalization Effort in California

Failed.  53% Voted Against – 47% In Favor

Close vote, CA will now lose out on some major revenue generation and also continue to boondoggle billions on massive drug war activity.

Prison Industrial Complex often campaigns against marijuana reform laws so they can keep their jobs and grow their bureaucracy.

Smoking marijuana – no harm = no crime.

- Local and State Elections

Congratulation to Melissa Goodwin Republican Judge for Texas 3rd Court of Appeals

Good riddance to Patrick Rose – big government anti-family Democrat in HD45!

Rick Perry is not a conservative.  He has grown government by leaps and bounds in his 10 year reign.  Jobs have grown, in the public sector!  We are not looking forward to more of the same from slick Rick the Tea Party deceiver.

We appreciate divided and inefficient government as it makes it more difficult to grow the government.  Don’t forget Nullification of Unconstitutional laws!

-Interview: Jacob Huebert, author of Libertarianism Today

What is a libertarian? – Jacob -  “The essence of libertarianism is non-aggression, the idea that people shouldn’t be able to get together and use government to enact violence against other people, so to the extent that someone favors of using violence through the government to make other people do what they want, they are not a libertarian.”

Tea Party Libertarianism?  What’s up with the interventionist mentality of much of the Tea Party activists?  They sure seem to favor the expansion of the warfare state.  What are they actually gonna cut?

Reagan Libertarianism?  Government grew immensely under Reagan.  People like the government again because they think there are some good guys in charge of it.

Libertarians as conservative – a strategy? – a failed strategy.  Government only grows and the message only softens. There is hope for Paleo-conservatives potentially.

“The only hope is to turn people to a true anti-state mentality, a true political atheism where they don’t believe in government anymore.”

What about the Libertarian Party as a valid political force?  No, it was never intended to be a political force, it was meant to introduce people to libertarianism.  Most Americans are not libertarians now, you are not gonna win any elections until they are.  More education is needed.  National party recently took a turn for the worse by running Bob Barr, former GOP and CIA.  They hoped to get votes by going soft but it blew up in their face.

Advice to the LP – “There is no point in running anything less than a radical libertarian candidate.”

Libertarianism as a political philosophy doesn’t necessarily have to be a moral philosophy.  The only ethical code in libertarianism is that you cannot use violence to get what you want from other people.

Are there any market alternatives to government monopoly when it comes to providing justice and defense?

Check out Hans Herman Hoppe – The Private Production of Defense

David Friedman’s- The Machinery of Freedom.

“There are reasons to believe that the could market provide defense services and security services, just like it provides everything else, and do a better job, just like it does with everything else.”

Check out to read more from Jacob huebert!

Facebook Question of the Week!  Yeah……..

Now that it appears the GOP will take control of the House, do you think we will see a reduction of the size and scope of the federal government, or will it be 1994 all over again?

Facebook Comment of the Week!  Yeah…….

“No, no change”  “I take that back, there may be some changes, but it’ll just be the interests that change, which lobby groups get their bellies rubbed so to speak.  The government will not shrink though.”

Join us next Saturday as we interview Robert Murphy, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism.

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Articles:  The Wolfowtiz Doctrine  –

Hans Hermann Hoppe – The Private Production of Defense –

David Friedman’s- The Machinery of Freedom –

Books: Libertarianism Today –


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