Live Free Now featuring Representative David Simpson


Episode #32 Hosted by Jason Rink and John Bush

In America we are living in a full blown police state!  Texas Counties are issuing reports calling on law enforcement officials to keep tabs on consistent constitutionalists, the Dept. of Education is kicking people’s doors in for not paying student loans, and Americans who are peacefully exchanging raw milk are being raided and targeted as criminals.  To top it all off, we have a mainstream press that acts as if it is the fourth estate of the ruling elite!  In this episode we cover the nastiest of state intrusions and we speak with a representative in Texas that is doing something about it!

Join us as we discuss……..

-  Bandera County Sheriffs Department issues “sovereign citizen” warning to citizens.  How dare people try to be sovereign!

- Over 120 of the western world’s most influential people from the public, financial, and media sectors met in secret this weekend in Moritz, Switzerland and the mainstream media didn’t think it important enough to cover.  We cover the infamous Bilderberg Group.

We chat with Representative David Simpson about the latest updates and action items concerning Texans’ push to criminalize unconstitutional TSA grope downs!

And of course we cover Too Much Government News – YEAH! [Sponsored by Enerfood!]

Department of Education break in to man’s house over his estranged wife’s unpaid student loans!

- Local Department of Health and Human Services breaks up a peaceful raw milk distribution network!

Now that’s Too Much Government!


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